More than ever, young men need MENTORS who will to teach them to
develop the skills and character they need to succeed.

Jonathan has made it his mission to equip parents, teachers and mentors with the mindsets, skillets and toolsets needed to raise the next generation of men in the making.

How can Jonathan help you accomplish your goals?

Bestselling author of The MANUAL TO MANHOOD (April 2014) and his
forthcoming book,
(April 2017)

Jonathan offers a collection of How-To Instructions and Do This-Not That
guides to guys.

For every young man in the making who needs to build his confidence and capabilities these books were
written for you.
Jonathan speaks for raked education institutions including FranklinCovey Education, Universities (Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, George Washington University, University of North Carolina, University of North Florida, The University of Texas), civic organizations (YMCA, Mr. Dad, Young Life, People to People, Pro Athletes Outreach) and public K-12 schools, teacher organizations, churches, and military family support events.

He received the Best of 2015 – Focus on the Family for his radio interview with President, Jim Daly.
Jonathan Catherman is a leading trainer specializing in the character and leadership development of youth. An award-winning cultural strategist, Jonathan consults worldwide about the principles and strengths that empower greatness in children, teens, and young adults.

For his success in the development and delivery of youth mentoring resources garnered Jonathan the 2016 President's Volunteer Service Award, Martin Luther King Drum Major for Service Award, and a National Guard Child & Youth Program Support Service Award.
"Consider this your survival guide on the sometimes rocky road to becoming a man. You're going to love this book!"
- Dr. Les Parrott, author of The Parent You Want to Be
If life only came with an instruction manual! Now one of the most important stages in ever guy's life does. The Manual to Manhood is the how-to guide for guys seeking to gain respect, avoid embarrassment, and impress everyone!

From shaving the face to grilling the steaks, parallel parking a car to respectfully breaking up with a girlfriend, shaking hands to managing money, the MANUAL TO MANHOOD is packed full of precise advice from world-class experts who offer step-by-step instructions for developing the skills and character possessed by only the best of men.

The MANUAL TO MANHOOD takes the confusion out of finding the answers to what every average guy needs to know about becoming an exceptional man.

The Manual to Manhood
Best Selling Book at
"The Manual to Manhood is an engaging, fun, and insightful how-to guide for guys on how to become a man. For those who want to build self-confidence, become independent, and fulfill your full potential, this book is for you."

- Sean Covey, author of the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

The Manual to Manhood is divided into the 10 most common areas of training among men.
  1. Women & Dating
  2. Social Skills & Manners
  3. Work & Ethics
  4. Wealth & Money Management
  5. Grooming & Personal Hygiene
  6. Clothes & Styles
  7. Sports & Recreation
  8. Cars & Driving
  9. Food & Coffee
  10. Tools & Fix it
Each chapter is packed with simple, clear, practical instructions that fit within each chapter. With great illustrations and step-by-step instructions for almost everything a guy needs to know, this book shows you how to:

· wear cologne correctly
· tie a tie· grill a steak
· learn how to shave
· plan a date
· interview for a job
· check the oil
· clean a bathroom
· change a tire
· talk to a girl
· fold a shirt
· clear a sink drain
· behave during a traffic stop
· throw a football
· find a stud in a wall

and tons more

The world needs confident and capable young men. With The Manual to Manhood, you'll be well on your way to becoming one of the best.
In July 2015, The MANUAL TO MANHOOD hit the #1 Best Seller list in three separate categories. Since then, the book has remained in the top 10 and continues to be a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Teen & Young Adult categories
Online Book Reviews
"Great book! My wife and I recently gave it to our youngest son for his 18th birthday. A "side" gift among others. The contents of this work is quite interesting and is presented in such a way as to not "offend..." Lite approachable read, but highly valuable reinforcement of reasonable, and wise approaches to certain issues they typically face." --Marc
"The Manual to Manhood was an amazing book. It's a guide for young men to learn how to live in the adult world. I seriously appreciate the simple instructions that the book gives on pretty complex issues... It deals with everything a guy needs to know and to do his part as the male role model of his future family. All in all, this book was extremely helpful and I hope that every guy can read it while he is still a teen." -- KL
"I have to admit that I am completely enamored with this book. If you have a tween or young teen boy in your life you would do them a big favor by getting this manual for them. The content contains just about everything a young boy needs to know about everyday life to ease them into manhood." -- Brandi
"Jonathan's remarkable ability to capture a generation while speaking into the hearts and lives of young people is unparalleled.'
-- Ryan Spiker
Jonathan Catherman
Jonathan Catherman is a leading education trainer specializing in the character and leadership development of youth and FranklinCovey's The Leader in Me school-transformation process. His contagious energy and passionate speaking style entertains, educates, and inspires audiences of all ages.

An award-winning cultural strategist, best-selling author, and top-ranked keynote speaker, Jonathan presents worldwide about the principles and strengths that empower greatness in children, youth, and adults from all walks of life. As a Senior Lead Consultant with FranklinCovey Education, Jonathan is a subject-matter expert in adolescents, family, and The Leader in Me process and delivery system.
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"Congratulations on receiving the MLK Drum Major for Service Award, and thank you for helping to address the most pressing needs in your community and country. Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great nation."
- President Barack Obama
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About Jonathan Catherman

Jonathan Catherman has worked in private and public education for 23 years. As a sociologist and educator, Jonathan is dedicated to understanding what mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets best influences the character and leadership development of today's emerging generation. An international bestselling author, award-winning cultural strategist, and education consultant Jonathan speaks worldwide to diverse audiences of all ages.

His contagious energy and passionate speaking style engages and inspires while his clear vision and practical instruction clarifies what leadership principles and structural relations empower greatness in people and organizations. For his success in the development and delivery of youth mentoring resources and programing Jonathan was awarded the 2016 President's Volunteer Service Award and Martin Luther King Drum Major for Service Award.

Jonathan and his bride Erica have been married for 20 years. Together with and their two sons the family enjoys the warmth and hospitality of North Carolina where they call a small community near Charlotte home.

Jonathan Catherman




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